Take Off

by Mark J. Brenniser

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Instrumental for song 1-8 in the vein of Joe Satriani and Michael Schenker with song 9 is a pop rock/punk tune and song 10 a experimental/noise/industrial song


released January 1, 2014

All; songs written, recorded, and performed by Mark J Brenniser except song 10. Lyrics and Vocals by Lincoln Morffi



all rights reserved


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Mark J. Brenniser Voorhees Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: My Time
What winding rhythm (3 times)
What winding rhythm has brought me to this night
Expelled from the womb
Cast out of Eden
I don't remember paradise
Do any of us?

The diamond within lies carefully hidden
Recall a childhood...
Worlds where computers and cable T.V. are absent
Dead End kids playing by a Bone yard
Another time...and I know it!
For the first time as I swoop downhill
My stomach feels the light airiness
Whirling Dervish on a turntable
Clip-click, clip-click, clip, click...
A long ago place - focused into view
A long ago place - focused into view
An eight-track, fireflies on muggy summer nights

Surrounded by shadows
Another land...and I know it!
Paint the town with new words
Remnants of a demographic past
Watch as we crash down the cusp (2 times)
Other places
My memories
This weary traveler
Life is being video taped...and I know it!

August, another warm 40 ounce of beer
He rants about conspiracy theories
Great poet... Poor historian...
Great poet, poor historian
Life is rich...and I know it!
I make my nest there, it can't last (2 times)

Back to where I first grew
Utterly unrecognizable
My solace comes from odd places
This whole ride is really strange...and I know it!
A distinctive sound, a distinctive sound
The skyscrapers make me feel insignificant
A distinctive sound - I make my nest there (2 times)

A distinctive sound
Visual and audio stimuli
Wide-eyed wonder
Wide-eyed pride
A distinctive sound (2 times)

With wide-eyed pride, a distinctive sound
A distinctive sound (2 times)
I make my nest there
A - distinc - tive - sound...

I - dwell within the limits of the twilight of the American presence of my
I - saw the 'writing on the wall' as a young man,
But didn't understand...
I - sensed, I - felt, it was...
Yet all around me, seemed unchanged
Save the air, it tingles
Then again I'd see the sun skimming so close to the horizon
...and knew, twilight comes
The breeze heralded its arrival

Bloated on consumerism
And dumbed down on electronic smack
But for what?
But for what?
Propaganda, my society falters
People give out guilt or hide away
No empathy for the world
Democracy forgotten
I stagger...
Or was it the Earth that moved?
Warning me, giving me a chance
But for what?

In the wings, the over-eager,
hungry for complete individualism -
At the expense of compassion
Sold themselves to doctrines - of oppression
So was the elemental tremble of my unlikely guide
So is - the hypocrisy

That I have felt - but not seen
Heard - but not tasted
As I grew older I did begin to see silhouettes in the twilight
The breeze and the tremors -
had never ceased their period warnings

As shadows grew, I became frightened
I knew the way
Crossed an ocean
On my own own journey
On my own journey
...and it was from that mighty distance that
I began to see
What I always dreaded
What I always felt
Human instinct

So far away
The trembling 'I' less
The breeze of doom
Weaker, yet present - all the time
All the same
There is no escape
This too, I realized

A way, away, A way
Two homelands in twilight
Not one as I was led
to believe as a child

Dark will come
And I - in another land
Holding a lit candle
That the breeze
Will quickly
Snuff out!

Sirens, delivered the madness
And so much desire
It walked to him and shook his hand
He shivered and lunacy offered up a cloak

As for the world, humanity and man as weakness
Their ungrateful stares haunt and mock
Awkwardly he slinked away
Simply listen to the notes
Listen to the notes
Fully emerged in madness, he listened to the notes (2 times)
And he disappeared - into nothingness

...he listened to the notes...he listened to the notes...listened to the notes